They call It jazz


They call it jazz but this music is much bigger and broader than any definitions.

Miles Davis called it Social Music, Nicholas Payton calls it BAM (black american music) but the closest description has to be Wayne Shorter’s “I Dare You” music.

Call It what we may, this phenomenon known as jazz is fun, intricate, witty and full of whimsical freedom and wisdom; It is music at its most sincere, although often highly enigmatic.

As Amiri Baraka poetically stated “jazz listen to it at your own risk”.

It can literally either heal your soul or blow your freakin’ mind .

Here is a taste of the gloriously visionary maestro Sun Ra and is Solar Arkestra. Its from a record titled God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be.

Just click on the link and enjoy:


Are Spiritual Laws superior to Laws of Physics

Yesterday on the radio I was listening to a DJ telling rhe history of ‘Lawyers Day” or Be Kind to Lawyers Day.What really got my attention is when she mentioned that there once was a law passed in ancient Greece which made ir illegal for lawyers to charge for their services. This she contrasted with the notion that nowadays lawyers are regarded as unethical due the fact that many overcharge for their services in addition to manipulating the Law in order to win cases for higher paying clients.

This got me thinking about about what I see as Spiritual Entrepreneurship. The growing number of Self-Improvement teachers, Motivational speakers and Yogi’s. The modern-day spiritual and sometimes psychological “healer” comes from various religious persuasions but it has also become very possible to find a plethora of non-religious or non-Spiritual mind-doctors. The latter tend to not quoteb any scriptures and are often not interested in their client/patient or students belief systems, even though much of their aim is about shiftimg or disrupting certain patterns of thinking, inherently changing the persons beliefs which in turn transforms their attitude towards life and its challenges. At first I thought that it did not matter what spiritual or even ideological orientation the master/teacher came from because at the core of all their work is the disruption of established patterns of thinking and acting which were ultimately destructive to both humans and the planet in general.

For the longest time while contemplating what my Life’s purpose is, I have considered preparimg myself for, and getting into the Wellbeing “profession”. From studying myself and the existential challenges¬† and opportunities I have experienced, I have more than once come to the conclussion that I am a Uniter and a Healer. While far from being perfect and not even seeking it, I have weighed the pros and cons of being a Spiritual Entrepreneur; someone who makes a living by helping others help themselves. But there have been a few challenges, most of them self created and some illusional. One of the challenges has been the attachment to contributing financially as well as majorly to my family and immediate society. Problems relating to the Black family and the global black condition have ultimately used up a lot of my time which I think I could have and should use productively preparing my Soul for my Life’s purpose. The other challenge is doubt and perhaps apathy. The thought that there are so many Self Help Gurus, Religions and Sellers of Solutions and what has been their real tangible contribution to makimg the world a better place ….


Anu Trance

Anu trance

A new dance

Movement submerged in ancestral cyclic waters

Daughters of the soil gyrating to the beatings of heavenly Sons
Monkish Ugly beauty
Lost in colonial limbo

Found in the parabola of Negritude,Race and the Blues

Yet again the dance is new

Like everything under the Sun