Decolonial Papers

Theme: The Knowledge, Spiritual and Struggle Heritage for Re-imagining Innovative Africa Paper Category: Africa Knowledge Heritage Suggested Topics: Including Knowledge Heritage in the education Curriculum, Pan-African Education systems; The knowledge Heritage for governance systems and institution building. Abstract: The attention that Afrika centred education has been receiving from certain sectors of society is well deserved,Continue reading “Decolonial Papers”

My Book: Rock ‘n Rule –

Rock ‘n Rule – The Essays, Stories and Poetry of Menzi Maseko will be out soon ( Last Quarter of 2016), comprising of articles, reflections and poems written between 2009 – 2015. I have been writing essays touching on every subject from jazz, Reggae, Hip Hop, Electronica and Afrikan music; Socio-Economic issues and Spiritual mattersContinue reading “My Book: Rock ‘n Rule –”

The Land We Love, Want and Need

The South African land restoration question is the most explosive and pivotal of all issues facing the country. The dispossession of natives from their homeland/motherland is at the center of the newly intensified struggle for Economic freedoms. While we all agree that there can be no social, commercial or spiritual cohesion unless the victims ofContinue reading “The Land We Love, Want and Need”

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