justice delayed is justice denied

We are not politicians but activists, revolutionaries if you may. Our primary concern is the eradication of racist white supremacist hegemony over our lives. In order to address the historical injustices, we have to call spades spades and leave no stones unturned. Black people have been denied their place at the table of humanity for too long, it is time for the last to become first.More than just a political movement. the Black First Land First movement has advocated for land restoration, economic rights rights and means for Black people and has faced huge challenges and weathered many socio-political storms.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the BLF movement. I am proud to be so. I was among the first people who organised themselves and dedicated time and resources in the course for justice. I may not agree with the movements pro-Zuma stance but that is on a personal basis. A choice I had to make, so I do not participate in any actions that involve praise singing or defence of former President Zuma’s so called RET ( Radical Economic Transformation), nor te opportunistic speechifying at his court cases – otherwise, I stand for everything else that the movement stands for.

In the social experiment called the Republic of South Africa, Black people are virtually defenseless against a plethora of systemic racisms. Although the country is led by a nationalist African government, we remain at the bottom of the economic ladder after 25 years of ANC rule. Many South Africans may be waking up to the imperatives of economic freedoms and the significance of land restoration, but there is still a lot to learn regarding the real sources of our discontent. many South Afrikans can barely understand the ramifications of racism and how race still plays such a huge role in our disenfranchisement. South Afrika’s problems are further exacerbated its seeming prosperity or affluence ( economic stability) compared to the neighbouring countries. The question of immigrants and pan-Afrikanist responses to such matters as continental trade and foreign policy is a subject for another day, but it should be kept in mind each time we discuss issues of land tenure, economic wellbeing and revolutionary visions –

In the following link, BLF addresses the crucial matter of massive apartheid era and post apartheid era white corruption. In a country where the media is mostly owned by white people, issues of crime and corruption tend to be framed as essentially Black problems. Whites are still seen as lesser criminals than Blacks. For clarity on this matter, please listen :


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