A deeper shade of blue : After listening to Dalisu Ndlazi

I wanted to title this write up/ essay/ poetic ode to the sound of jazz*, Injulo or eyenjulo.  Injulo is an IsiZulu word denoting something that Deepens or causes deep introspection or contemplation.

Although the performative or presentation aspect of the music known as jazz appears as just another genre of the wide variety of music styles available in the world, there seems to be something that lurks just beneath, the surface of it. Something intentional and potentially dangerous or volatile. Yes, it is part of entertainment, but there is more to it than meets the ear.

There is in jazz*, unlike with any other form, a semblance of highly intuitive, yet disciplined clarity of purpose, at least among those creators and listeners who really dig the sound.

These days I attend jazz performances with an intention to simply enjoy the nuanced and groovy sounds of the most phenomenal Artform to come out of the ‘Free World’, or the Land of the Free. But I always end up wanting to write, in order to capture or inscribe the moment, the sound, the mood and the vibration in eternity. I see myself as a kind of memory keeper or a stylographer if such a word exists. My intention is to make the moment last a little longer than the show.

Anyhow, while listen to  Dalisu’s presentation today at the BAT Centre’s Jazz Sundowners, wrote these as notes towards a longer and more polished essay.


A deeper sound – Dalisu Ndazi and the jazz jouney

When yound people choose or are led, groomed or inspired to take up music …

it is a calling like any other. To be a healer, a teacher, a sculptor, doctor of laws, or any other type of profession…

the gift of song though, is a thing apart …it almost seems effortless like the natural progression of any talent, it all takes practice, putting in hours and days of rehearsals etc, but when it comes to actually doing it live and direct, there is an indespensible element of surprise and intentional spontaniousness – ngesiNtu singakubiza ngokuzinikela okuhlelekile.

The music called jazz is a phenomenon born out of a whole people’s experience with a world as we have inherited …

From a dark and blue history …

stories of honour, glory, humiliation and dishonour, stories of joy, liberty  and personal joys and heartbreak …

The jazz* worker is a person who carries tradition with a forward looking  attitude………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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