2016’s Green AnkhWorks



Word to John

Every Poet Says I Am

I am I

I am inspiration


Recognition of the invisible, indivisible

I am inspiration

The spark of innovation

Greenovation – I am

The stand in the ovation

I am breath – length of days and strength of sunrays

I am the surge in the rivers urge

The move – the flow – the Moon-glow

I am respiration


The quick and the sudden death

Uwafa wafa wama wabanjwa ngabaza wabhajwa

Wasaba washaywa

I am the scent of the smoke

The invisible footprint the leopard sprint

i-smile sofudu

i-texture yo-phutu



I am the weight of the smoke

The malice

Raging against police

in the Rastaman’s chalice

I am the idea of a man

The Ethiopic topic the u in the utopic

The eclectic eccentric, never am I ever myopic I stick to the topic

Hot as the tropic My wingspan Angelic Black like acrylic I am Will I Am John Coltranic!!!