Black Unconsciousness

Black Love, Black Joy, Black Pain, Black Straining  Forth Against The Typhoon of Structured race-isms. Black Excellence scaling up a White Wall of slippery conditions: ignorance, hype, Uncle Toms and race Blindness, Judicial lore, Jesuit erections and White Savior Mythologies.

Miracles Over God. God Over Knowledge. Men of God over Wisdom of Self, Ancestry and the bloody Paths we have traveled. Their God died begging to be spared yet they still hang on to the Promise in spite of Reality’s rabid bite and bite and bite and the din of the World Banks cash register – Truth Does not seem to Register – Because apparently, JOY Comes In The Morning

Despite that We have seen many Dawns when the Sun refused to Shine – Hopey Changey Faith is a Trap built on Good Intentions – better known as the Road to purgatory

Another Fiction to Save Us From Another Version of Fiction – King of Heaven versus The Queen of Heaven. We are caught up in the Domestic Disputes of Real and Imagined Extra-Terrestrials  –

The Will Come Is Here, finally the Jazzed out and Bluesed in Prophets who Crooned and Blew that The Creator Has A Master-plan, finally they are vindicated.

Nina Simone, Pharaoh Sanders, Leon Thomas and Andy Bey, Amiri Baraka, Mafika Gwala, Sipho Sepalma, Eartha Kitt, Fela and Audre Lorde are not Somewhere Yonder Upon the Breast of the Good Lord sharing the bosom of Abraham – Fiction is Not part of their Diction – They Are raising Hell Among The Blue Black Ancestors Calling For Nu Black Realities – Neo-Black Soul Shifts and Kwame Toure is reasoning with Robert Nesta, Peter Tosh and Joseph Hill, saying Zion has Fallen – The Holy Hill is Within – She is now Called Black Purpose – The Unity of Purpose They All Died Calling For.

Published by greenankhworks

Healer, Lover, Writer, Father, Natural Health Promoter, Connector, Communications Consultant, Instigator and Reigniter of IKS

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