Books Worth Knowing About

Khaya Maseko’s Mashu Omusha (A Speculative/Afrikan Science Fiction Novella)

Mashu oMusha is a science fiction novella, based in the township of Kwa-Mashu in Kwa-Zulu. It is a special book since there is very little, if any Sci-Fi from the townships of South Africa.

This story explores various scientific, spiritual and political concepts.

Themes range from techno-mysticism, anthropomorphism, land rights and gender orientation are evoked through a sprawling imaginative tale. Mashu oMusha explores the township in a dystopian dimension that resembles South Africa through the eyes of an incarnate god named Mer and her terrestrial guide Sapien. Mashu oMusha is a self-published work of literature nuanced with music and the axiomatic undertones of Afrocentric lore.

Writer Biography

Khaya Maseko hails from Kwa-Mashu, a township in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. He was an executive member of Nowadays Poetry Organisation for 15 years. Khaya has shared stages with the likes of Lesego Rampolokeng, Kobus Moolman and Don Materra.

He has also been a consistent and erudite educational activist, actively teaching writing skills in townships nationwide for +4 years. He is the Head of the Anarcho-Journalism blog Chaotic Front (, which has been spreading news and information on African and International issues about quality of life, politics, tech and esoterica.  He has written an eBook of verse and short stories called Eyeless: You Can’t See Cape Town without Helen Zille’s Eyes.

An accompanying poetry collection entitled Verses From Three Rock was released with the 2nd edition of Mashu oMusha Mashu oMusha as his first print publication.

Online links to Mashu oMusha

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