Music, Magic and Social Transformation

music and revolution
musica and revolution

Can music really change the world? Yes, if we consider music to be more than just ideas translated into waves of sound and performances. There is something in music even for those who do not have the capacity to hear or listen. Technology is advancing towards ensuring that everyone can be able to at least FEEL or Perceive the art of music. It is important to understand that there are various levels of deafness. It can range anywhere from some hearing loss to complete deafness where the person cannot hear anything. It’s a complete spectrum and everyone is different*. 

Music is one of the most exciting and interesting sciences ever explored by humanity. While all of Nature can be said to sing or is musical, the amount of dedication and genius that humanity has invested in music is phenomenal. Many cultures are defined by their music and we have even incorporated every conceivable aspect of the Natural world into the music of our minds. Every sphere of life has its musicality.

“In 1978, Wadada Leo Smith wrote that this concept is predicated on creating and inventing musical ideas simultaneously, utilizing the fundamental laws of improvisation and composition. Within this system, all of the elements of the scored music are controlled through symbols designating duration, improvisation, and moving sounds of different velocities. These symbols are depicted on two types of staffs, sounds staffs divided into low, medium and high; and sound staffs of adjustable sound partials.” ( W.L. S. describing for his Spirit Catcher album)

The works of great musical artists appear to be receiving great reception in these days of information, data and communication overload. These days, anyone who happens to be online, be it on Facebook, Twitter or other websites, can get to know about Batsumi, John Coltrane, David Bowie, Nina Simone or Fela Kuti without leaving their place. While there is still much more space for the underground ‘digger’ of records and there has surely been a lot of music that has been produced that even the most capable collector and single search engine can contain, there remain many remarkable artists who do not get their fair share of recognition. This is partly due to the corporate sponsored, market driven media space. Most people who would benefit from or enjoy the sounds of Christian Scott, Saul Williams or even Mos Def ( Yasiin Bey) Sun Xa or Sibusile Xaba simply do not get to hear it on the mainstream media. The mass media is almost totally controlled by people who do not even care what is on the air, just as long as it is not subversive or too risque’ for their bottom-line. Music is a very powerful medium and it has always carried elements of revolutionary fervor within it. The sounds and lyrics of artists such as Bob Marley and the Wailers, Amiri Baraka, Stimela, Sakhile, Fela Kuti or Reflection Eternal have helped generations of people globally to stand up or their rights or given them strength to overcome various kinds of difficulties.

Neuronal messages will be sent to the auditory cortex, but not necessarily from the ears. In all, sound is made up of vibrations. When those vibrations are organized and given a pitch, they become music. The brain processes this sound in many different areas, but the main parts are: the sensory cortex, the nucleus accumbens, amygdala, and cerebellum, and the auditory cortex. Each of these parts plays a key role in how people experience music, deaf or hearing. These parts just adapt in the brain of a person who is deaf to interpret sound and music in a way other than through messages from the ears. Everyone can make the experience of music that much better for people who are deaf through support of interpreters like Amber Galloway Gallego.

The transformation of our consciousness towards more understanding and harmony can occur once we understand just how different we all are, we receive music and other messages in unique ways.

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