Written To Jazz by Biko’s Dream

threads of rhythmic memory

music charged with the spirit of defiant dreams

disquieting bass-lines and translucent chords

imbued with the memory of these walls

the visionary ghosts of women

and men who have toiled here

through the streets of bloodied gold and toxic asbestos

brought here trembling and cold

to life by the music that urges us

to never forget to remember

this breathing sound that makes to free us even from our lesser selves.

2. Sobukwe beno Biko ( God is here)

jazz portrait about the first time Biko met Sobukwe

there is a name that the young generation of pan-Afrikanists refuse to forget

Sobukwe, Mangaliso, also known as Robert

Prof lives and will not rest until the land is restored.

Published by greenankhworks

Healer, Lover, Writer, Father, Natural Health Promoter, Connector, Communications Consultant, Instigator and Reigniter of IKS

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