Poem for Maponga and Nsingiza

Rebels from the Amen Corner

Inspired by Joshua Marara Maponga and Mkhulu Nsingiza


The children of the stolen soil need not fear

There is no dearth of leadership here,

Afrika is not devoid of her teachers, warner’s and prophets

There are the truly inspired as well as the thirsty for profits

As the people of the South wade through the murky terrain

Of racialized religions, capital and every other domain

The prophets keep wailing from the gutters to the pulpits

Be transformed by the renewing of mind”, the old scroll puts it

The flock heaves to and fro in sweat drenched sheepish hallelujah’s

Yet how many have grasped the message beyond the Amen’s and hurrah’s?

Most of us will go home to eat, sleep and repeat the foibles of yesterday

Many listeners will return to their chains, strains and washing of the brain

The Afrikan middle-class will remain landless and consumers in systems that fool them

The prophet exhausts his mortal body and immortal soul aiming to school them

But what drives the prophet to associate with society’s pariah’s and Sangoma’s

Going to where no MOG’s have gone before to link KMT and Israel drama’s


The winds of change wail, do not go outside, the menace walks in cloaks of invisibility

Walk with caution, curb your enthusiasm to embrace or attempts to be

Anything resembling a cohesive society

We are all in this together!!!

Cry the masters of delusion

Propaganda machines in full operation

Yet the people on the ground

Imbued with the zeal for liberation

They cry back, “Freedom or death” ‘Land or death!”  The long-suffering masses cry back

Inspired by the prophets the landless are no longer subdued by threats of death

Kuthiwa azilime ziyetsheni

Uma singavuki manje, siyokhululeka nini?

Published by greenankhworks

Healer, Lover, Writer, Father, Natural Health Promoter, Connector, Communications Consultant, Instigator and Reigniter of IKS

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