The Glory and Dishonour of Kings and Queens

“Sovereignty is in essence the existence of a legal authority that acknowledges no other supreme authority.”

We shall return to this quotation/definition in due time, for now I would like us to reconsider the usefulness of kingdoms, absolute rulers as well as ideas of nationhood that may no longer effectively serve us in the 21st century. Although we have dealt with the subject of the efficacy of traditional, customary and even state-centric rulers before on this platform; we would like to continue the topic with regards to the pros and cons of sovereignty under this definition, “Sovereignty is rested in the people, nd that sovereignty confers on the people the right to choose freely their representatives to the National government.”

This definition lifted from an online article by Father Robert Aranjo titled “Sovereignty, Human Rights and Self Determination: the meaning of international Law will be a working definition we shall keep coming back to in order to review or analyse its merits. ( )

It should be noted that I am writing this as part of a greater Afrocentric striving for a just society. While many of my peers are nationalists, socialists and traditionalists; all of us are fundamentally searching for ways to rid our Land and our Selves of residues of colonial rule.

Colonialism has negatively impacted on our customary laws as well as the way we approach our cosmology. There are serious matters of borders established during the partitioning of the continent during the19th centuries Berlin Conference as well as the question of how far back do we need to go (Sankofa) if we aim to reinstate pro-Afrikan social institutions. What are the practices worthsalvaging from our ancient as well as recent pasts?

We will also look into Dr Walter Rodneys seminal work How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, to attain mkre clarity regarding a precolonial Afrika so that we can have a dialectical grounding to our propositions. There is so much at stake, we are called to find solutions and present them to those among us now and in the near future, who would put them into practice.

There are lessons to be learned from ancient as well as modern myths. I have been meaning to post a topic on social media regarding how the Myth of Haile Selassie I as the King of Kings of the whole world is useful for a particular section of the world’s population and how it can be used to unite and make further meaningful impact on peoples lives. Of course that myth can be also questioned and subtracted and added to depending on peoples ideological perspectives and beliefs but can it serve the whole world? What about those who do not require Kings or God’s? They too deserve justice and peaceful existence.

The myth of Jesus Christ, the myths of the Ancient Egyptians as well as the myths of the information superhighway with its multitudes of virtual realities, liberties and technological advances and pros and cons; they are all part of a world teeming witg choices. There is also Gaia, New Age theories, the new sciences of parallel universes,Singularity as well as enduring isms such as race, political power and Nature’s laws of attraction.

All of the above will be considered as we seek new Ways of being. All these ways of living may or may not require titles such as Queen or King. Perhaps all that is required is Spiritual or Soul power, a power that is not governed by the efforts of others but contributes to the collective reality of being Umuntu.

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