Rites and Writs of Kemetic Practice

The sky has opened for me,

I am a living one, a son of Sopdet.

My house in the sky will never perish,

The sky has opened for me,

My throne on earth will never be plundered.

  • Pyramid Texts: Utterance #302

The Souls of Anu drew him up the steps, one by one, and the goddess Nut gave him Her hands. – Pepi I, The Ladder of Heaven

Today marks the beginning of a New year according to the Kemetic/Ancient Egyptian sacred calendar. We in the Southern hemisphere are celebrating the end of the Season of the Ntr Nut and by 23 September we welcome the Season of the God/Ntr called Asar/Ausar. On this day I feel highly energised, rejuvenated and ready to begin new projects and exert keener, more conscious and energetic focus on work that has already begun.

This blog is called Green Ankh Works, the Colour of Asar happens to be Green/ Wadju; the metal is Iron/ Baa, the sacred incense is Cypress/Kebes, the scent is Cinnamon/ Ti- shepses and and the sacred tree is the Acacia/Shenedj; the stone is Malachite. We shall expand on the uses of these later, I mention them here as a reminder to self and readers. We ought to remind ourselves to honour the Ancient ways and means of connecting with Nature, Divine forces and the Omniverse around us.

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