Isitebhisi Sezulu: The Ladder of heaven

The sky has opened for me,

I am a living one, a son of Sopdet.

My house in the sky will never perish,

The sky has opened for me,

My throne on earth will never be plundered.

  • Pyramid Texts: Utterance #302

The Souls of Anu drew him up the steps, one by one, and the goddess Nut gave him Her hands. – Pepi I, The Ladder of Heaven

Today marks the beginning of a New year according to the Kemetic/Ancient Egyptian sacred calendar. We in the Southern hemisphere are celebrating the end of the Season of the Ntr Nut and by 23 September we welcome the Season of the God/Ntr called Asar/Ausar. On this day I feel highly energised, rejuvenated and ready to begin new projects and exert keener, more conscious and energetic focus on work that has already begun.

This blog is called Green Ankh Works, the Colour of Asar happens to be Green/ Wadju; the metal is Iron/ Baa, the sacred incense is Cypress/Kebes, the scent is Cinnamon/ Ti- shepses and and the sacred tree is the Acacia/Shenedj; the stone is Malachite. We shall expand on the uses of these later, I mention them here as a reminder to self and readers. We ought to remind ourselves to honour the Ancient ways and means of connecting with Nature, Divine forces and the Omniverse around us.

Exploring the concept of the ladder of heaven, whether it is indigenous to Afrikan history and spirituality or not. These are some of notes I have been collecting and meditating on since the specific date of 27 May 2011. I shall be adding to this essay as time passes, the key is to identify the obvious as well as the hidden threads in the mythical stories that involve a ladder or sometimes a rope that connects the heavens and the Earth. Herein are the notes rendered unedited; it is important to also note that whenever I quote from the Ancient texts, I insert my name in places wherein the priest, the scribe or the neophyte may use their own name, in some places I also choose to use the original Kemetic/Ta Meri words for certain concepts such as the ‘gods/neteru’ as will be evident:

“- The doors of Maat are opened to me, and the doors of the sky are unbolted before me. I set up a ladder to heaven { to ascend to the gods/neteru }, and I am a divine being among them. The Ausar Menzi ( Nu) whose word is truth, appeareth upon the Ladder that Ra hath made for him, and Heru and Suti hold him tightly by the arm { as he ascendeth it }. “

Among the texts cut on the walls of the Pyramid of Pepi I ( 1. 192 f.) we find a version of the Chapter of the Ladder, which reads “Homage to thee, O divine Ladder! Homage to thee O Ladder of Set! Stand thou upright, O divine Ladder. Stand thou upright O Ladder of Set. Stand thou upright O Ladder of Heru, whereby Ausar appeared in heaven when he used the words of power of Ra … Pepi is thy son, Pepi is Heru.”

Elsewhere we read that the Ladder was carried by Khensu, Aahes, Tetun and Sept, who set up the Ladder for Pepi and who made it to stand firmly. The neteru mentioned in the last extract are neteru of the South, or Sudani neteru, a fact which suggests that the legend of the Ladder reaching from Earth to heaven is of Sudani origin.

When Ausar/Asaru ascended the Ladder “He was covered with the covering of Heru, He wore the apparel of Tehuti, Auset went before Him, Nebt-Het followed behind Him, Upuatu opened out the way/ cleared the path for Him, Shu bore Him up …

The Souls of Anu drew Him up the steps, one by one, and the Neter Het (goddess) Nut gave Him Her hands. ( page 301 – 302 – The Ladder of Heaven )

From this point I turned my focus on the astrophysical connotations of all this, from a personal point of view. As I was born on the 11th of June, my star sign is Gemini, I resonate with the planet Mercury according to the Gregorian calendar and the Northern hemisphere’s calendar, but resonate with Tehuti and Ausar in the Kemetic Sidereal calendar …

Gemini has three starts with orbiting planets: Pollux HR 2877, and HD 50554. I is the most northerly constellation of the Zodiac, appearing as a long rectangle with the bright stars Castor and Pollux, an orange giant star is below. Wasat ( Delta) is just down to the left of center. Just to the right of Wasat is Mekbuda, Zeta Gem, one of the sky’s four brightest star, Alhena, is to the right of these, Mebsuta is up and a bit to the right of Mekbuda, Tejat to the right of Mebsuta. The constellation’s third lies just up to the right of Tejat (Mu) while Nu Gem is just below Tejat.)

While the above ‘Star map) might not be as accurate as possible, it is simply a reminder for myself as I am in the birth-sign of Gemini that there is also a ladder up to the stars for me. All Neter’s children need travelling shoes and equipment, so mused the Afrikan American Poet Maya Angelou – and my shoes are made for Astral travel, without the need for spaceships or expensive drugs. Through the knowledge of the cosmos we Star children were born to fly beyond the mundane of the terrestrial sphere, with a little help from our friendly scientists, scripture, Ancient texts and the music of Jazzists and Sufi’s and others we are able to reach the heavens …

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