Stories written to music

24/08/2020 – Harare, Zimbabwe

South Afrika, Afriphobia and the Psycho-economic Condition ( Written to Charlie Haden and Liberation Orchestra’s Time/Life, circa 2016) transcribed to Thandi Ntuli’s Indaba Is

From as early as the year 2016, I have grappled with the idea of creating some sort of creative-cultural integration model or project for the southernmost parts of what is called the SADC region.

What I have in mind and somewhat on paper, is the opening and maintenance of a social-commercial and cultural superhighway for the creative / business sectors of a burgeoning, youthful Afrika. The aim is to begin with Abantu who have a shared historical, cultural as well as a colonial heritage. The dream/vision is kind of a United Nations of the Cultural economy where our collective diversity is not just respected but used as a currency.

In the beginning, this idea crystalized into the form of a literary work, a sort of compedium or collection of writings, speeches/presentations, poems, essays, song-lyrics and everyday people’s views collected from interviews. The foundation is to capture the joys, struggles and preoccupations of the people of Zimbabwe, South Africa, Eswatini, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique and Lesotho and other parts of Southern Afrika who find themselves interacting in an economy that is not their own and because of that, they hardly get to truly experience each other Soulfully or authentically as Afrikans.

Beyond the vision of a book, which has already been initiated or set in motion, there is the more urgent vision of setting up a network of more tangible projects, people and creative/cultural organization and businesses that share the key ingredients/components to unite the SADC/ Afrika and eventually the global Black family …

What Is The Inspiration for this:

  1. Talent and Skills of SADC population
  2. Kwame Nkrumah and other pan Afrikanists vision of a United Afrika
  3. The Spiritual Power of Black unity
  4. Countering the narrative and economic drivers of xenophobia
  5. The Cannabis/Hemp revolutions
  6. The tenacity and resilience of Zimbabwean youth and their creative and intellectual capabilities
  7. South African aggression,, violent crime and the specter of a bloody history
  8. The Spiritual roots and politics of the Tulama Oromo

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