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A Prelude to an Essay: The Ancestors Write a Letter to Their Lost and Found

Abadala/The Ancient ones of the first people wished to write a letter to their offspring. Many generations had passed since this council had sat for the sole purpose of communicating with their children’s children. So much time had passed that not one of the Ancient Ones had any memory of the specific Zep Tepi, the place of the First Time.

In all of the Twelve Houses, now spread out through-out the Earth, To Whom Shall We Address These Words?” After some deliberation which took just a few days, a couple of lifetimes in human years; the decision was made. They chose to begin at Tanganyika. But the decision was not fully welcomed by the entire council. While others fretted about imagined language barriers, some questioned the Beautiful Bearded Mother’s choice. It was neither out of disrespect nor disbelief in the reasonability of that particular place, it was that among the Ancient Ones, there were those who’s Ego had not yet been expunged in the Fire of Truth. Although now dwelling in the Spiritual realms, many of the Elders still regarded themselves as humanoid and longed for yet another embodiment.

You see, there are those among the Dead, who are never really dead, who still feel. They feel that their time on Earth was not sufficient and since they could not discover their Purpose while still breathing, craved to be embodied once more. Never mind the many scriptures cautioning about the Lust of the Flesh. Flesh was still one of the most sought after prices in the Known Galaxy. Some Gods still require it as a sacrifice in their devotion. Some even ransom their precious Immortality to the fleeting Glimmer of Mortality.

The Great Mother had used the Apparatus of Music to Reign in the rebels and voices of Dissent. Many knew that the Great Mother’s music was one aspect of Black Magik that was impossible to resist. The blind, the hearing, the deaf and the dumb could find something that they loved about Ingoma, since it had long been established that Music was much more than noises or dead notes strung together, it was more like a Ngoni Love Letter in vibrational tones.

Before the Mother Ship was set for the Sequence to Earth, the Elders gathered once again to select a Soundtrack for Contacting the Souls.  By the time the Sun began casting red, gold, orange and purple hazes on the Mountains of the West, a twelve bar Blues was composed by the Celestial Choir and these are the 7 refrains that were selected. These seven songs formed a seamless medley, the keys to the world’s heart.

  1. Folon – a song from Malian Salif Keita’s fourth album, released in 1995, produced by Wally Badarou, with track extracts by Jean-Phillipe Rykiel.
  2. A Common Wonder – a mash-up of MC/Poet/Rapper/Actor known as Common, paired with Stevie Wonder ( Add Production Credits )
  3. Wadada Leo Smith’s Mbira – Dark Lady of the Sonnets – an Avant-garde jazz album featuring songs such as Blues: Cosmic Beauty; Zulu Water Festival with Pheeroan akLaff on Drums and Min Xiao-Fen on voices and Pipa.
  4. Moyo Wangu and Kufa Kwangu – a medley of two songs by Thomas Mapfumo and The Blacks Unlimited, recorded 1985 and 1989.
  5. Everyones Child and Nhemamusasa ( From Ancient Voices) by Chiwoniso Maraire ( There was another contestation regarding this particular choice as the composer was ‘One of Us’)
  6. Ibusise – a song composed by the Black Baptist Nazarite Prophet Isaiah Shembe  kaNhliziyo
  7. Journey to Satchidananda – the fourth studio album by Alice Coltrane, featuring Shiva Loka, the third member of the Hindu holy trinity.

Although the Abadala transmuted these songs in Mdw Ntr, the primary barrier to communicating with the humanity was the quality of their Questions. Unlike the days of yore, the species of hominid that now roamed the earth had degenerated to such deplorable levels of materialism; even some of the brightest minds had stunted intuitive faculties. They had forgotten why and how they were Natures members of a New Race. After travelling for three Moons through the Great Lakes Region, the council of the Elders had visited Great Zimbabwe.

What on Earth Are You Doing In Zimbabwe, of all places?” Asked some of the locals where the council had chosen to quench their thirst.  This was a common refrain from the people of Harare, surprised by why any sensible person would choose to sojourn in their stricken land. The Elder would simply answer with one word. Living!  You see in the land of the lost and found,  colonial limitations had created a situation whereby people who were close relatives barely even recognized themselves in each other.   

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