Liyabhubha Kodwa … Nothing Comes From Violence

The world is exploding, but whose world is it? Have the masses of impoverished people in Southern Afrika reached the level of disenchantment with the ruling elites that pushes them to really go beyond just looking?

There is a tidal wave of social turmoil currently gripping much of South Africa these last few days, one could say it began in the Kingdom of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland as the impoverished masses attackd and looted establishments linked to their despotic absolute monarch, but then again it can be said that each of the incidents are related to the socio-economic conditions pertaining to each country.

The burning and looting in the Republic of South Africa has been described by various media houses or broadcasters as #TheZumaRiots by those who connect the whole situation to the supporters of the recently jailed former state president Jacob Gezeyihlekisa Zuma. Some have simply and without proper understanding of the words,called it an uprising or even anarchy while many are simply calling it acts of criminality, opportunism and desperat\ion by masses of the economically marginalised Black folks of this country.

The assessments may all have some degrees of truth but there is also evidence that these are not just a result of spontaneous mob mentality but they have been strategically plotted and activated by certain forces who are disgruntled with the juditiary and the whole state machinery. Whatever ones opinion on this, it is clear that many residents are not in support of these acts of destruction, and that despite the assertions of many Black radicals many of whom I agree with, that the whole economy of South Africa is anti-black, there is reason to believe that these are factional politics of the ruling party being brought to the surface using Black bodies as usual. This line of reasoning posits that the whole economy has robbed Black people of equal opportunity and resouces, therefore it must be burnt down so that we may be able to start over. But conditions in the rest of the African continent have proven that this is a daunting task filled with many perilous instances of violence and political instability which plunges whole regions into intermetent states of war.

In this assessment it is clear that no one will emerge a victor in this whole debacle, especially considering the fact that there is no indication that any revolutionary or vanguard movement is channeling this violence into specific demands. There are also those who state that many of the large companies or warehouses being looted and burnt and trucks being burned are well insured and will easily recover their losses. That remains to be seen …

My view is that Nothing Comes From Violence and Nothing Ever Could … We will explore the many reasons why shortly.

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