Reflections from The Mountain with Shabaka Men of Afrika

In the next upcoming days I will be sharing some deeply personal reflections and notes from The Men on the Mountain Sessions which I attended recently with Dr Baba Buntu’s Shabaka Men of Afrika.

Of course it is worth mentioning that I cannot divulge too much of what other brothers said about themselves and what they are working on, I too cannot say too much about what I may have said to the Elders, my own ancestors and in confidence to a particular brother up there on the mountain, the known code is “what happens on the mountain stays on the mointain”; however, I will use the template that has been already provided by the Great Teacher himself, Dr Buntu through his 16 Steps Towards Afrikan Manhood “Warrior Reflections for Unafraid Black Men” – Men on the Mountain Edition, 2021

Heal The Self, Family and Community

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