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Ikhambi Natural Healing

There is a whole global interest in the Astro-theology, philosophies and cosmic resonance of Ancient Kemet/Ta-Meri/ Egypt. While much of the interest is from Afrikan as well as American Afrikans and other Afrikans in the diaspora, there is a sizable number of Egyptologists and Egyptophiles who are not of Afrikan dissent. There is a lot of contestation regarding whose legacy this Nile Valley civilization really represents and some argue that white people have nothing to do with a civilization that is Afrikan, there are those of Meditarannean heritage and the presently ocupying folk of Arabian / Semitic descent who believe that Egypt is their ancestral heritage and that the Bantu/Blacks are merely appropriating a culture that has nothing to do with the ‘real’ Egypt.

The website featured on this post by one of the non-Afrikan Egyptophles, one who has clearly devoted a lot of time to studying and sharing about…

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