Indigenous Knowledge and The Cultural Economy

“The production, distribution and accumulation of resources – loosely the pursuit of prosperity – has always been a cultural performance …but with the rise of a separate profession of economics and a set of specifically economic knowledges such performance has either been neglected or actively denigrated ( Amin and Thrift, 2004:xii)

Baba Mfuniselwa J. Bhengu, one of South Afrika’s many grossly neglected intellectual treasures wrote a lot of important books, some were published but poorly distriuted due to many factors, which we shall explore …

In one of his books, The Dialectics of Cultural Economy, published through one of his many entrepreneurial initiatives, Africa Institute for Cultural Economy ( PTY) Ltd, in 2012, writes under the chapter, Inseperability of Culture from Economics …”There is an increasing awareness emerging that culture and economy have become increasingly intertwined, which has in turn generated three types of resposes …TBC

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One thought on “Indigenous Knowledge and The Cultural Economy

  1. Very powerful thought. Economics and its devious and fanciful metrics like GDP are the cancer for Cultural well-being of any society. Rabindranath Tagore’s Creative Unity and Wolfgang Sachs’ Archaeology of the Development Idea are good references on this topic.

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