Adapt or perish

South Afrika is engaged in the emerging conversation about a Just Transition from fossil fuels towards renewable energy. There is concern that the conversation, although cognisant of the need for inclusion still remains generally high level and thus misses the explicit participation of those that are most affected by the effects of industrial pollution, industrial degradation and in a general sense, climate chaos. While the advocates for a just transition state that interactions between social and ecological ecosystems are at the centre of climate cc hanger adaptation, it is not yet clear how community based adaptation is being implemented.

Writing in a publication sponsored by the Presidential Climate Commotion (Expert Perspectives: Supporting a Just and Climate-Resilient Transition in South Africa), Independent Researchers Fonda Lewis and Dr Michelle Browne observed: “As primary users of natural resources, and those often most affected by environmental drgradationz women have a key role to play in management and decision making, yet they often remain largely passive and excluded. The effectiveness of land and natural resource use management is weaken r by lack of participation by women. This essay highlights the need to harmonise culture and tradition with gender equity goals in the governance of a ecosystems and natural resources, and to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of empowering women to enhance adaptive capacity.”

These are indeed noble ideals and it is truly an imperative to prioritise women in the work ahead, but how do we effectively challenge and transform the status quo …


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