Natural Progression vs Diverse Scientific Opinions

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Greetings Healers and Earth Lovers. I have been planning to write these short essays dealing with the old debates between the various schools of scientific, holistic, traditionalist/Indigenous knowledge systems/Afrikology as well as the new and old theories developed within the contexts of the Global South. This series of mini-essays will be part of the ongoing conversation between Healers, practitioners, armature as well as experts in the various fields. In essence we all all involved in some kind of interaction with Nature, but our values, objectives and end goals may differ slightly or vastly. This is why this is an open platforms wherein not one opinion or world-view can be greater than others.

We shall begin with some general pieces around Natural selection, Darwinism, mainstream vs so called fringe sciences and the rise of Self help and Consciousness philosophies.

It is important to stress that pioneers such as Darwin and others…

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