Iva Likhishwa Ngelinye Iva

The Nguni language proverb that, it takes another thorn to remove a thorn, is as simple as it sounds. As in most sayings or culturally based maxims, there can always be multiple meanings attached to it according to the context. In the context of power relations between the elevated rulers, kings and queens and their subjects, this expression could be taken as treasonous and one who uses it in ralation to reigning monarchs can either be jailed or even killed. While traditional leaders have always been known to use aggression, intimidation, deception and abuse of their authority to cause people to submit to their will, the times have changed and tolerance for absolute totalitarians is waning, rightly so.

Today, we woke up to the news of the murder of human rights and democracy advocate Thulani Maseko. Even though it came as an emotional blow, it was not a surprise to those who have followed his story. The culprit or the instigator of this brutal assassination also came to mind, very few people would dispute that Maseko has silenced by the Dlamini regime led by Makhosetive, the supposed King of the beautiful land of Eswatini. I will not go into the details regarding how Maseko and several other brave Swati citizens have worked hard internally as well as internationally to bring justice to the Land of their forebears. Their record and their tribulations speak for themselves. The authorities have used intimidation and violence to silence the voices of justice and truth. They expect the citizens to submit to further humiliation and succumb to fear. The murder of Maseko comes days after the pseudo-king threatened his ‘subjects’ by saying that dissenters will fac even harsher conditions if they continue agitating for political rights and basic liberties. Makhosetive has no patience for debate and dialogue is beneath him. His bloodline guarantees him absolute power over a society whose development is paralysed by his greed and avarice. For a very long time, this autocratic style has been tolerated by many Swati people …

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