Religion, agriculture and market dynamics in Zimbabwe

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The last blog offered a brief overview of different churches across our study sites. This second blog in this series focuses on their role in agriculture and markets, and more broadly rural livelihoods. Given their different histories, forms of organisation, finance and religious beliefs different churches’ influence is quite varied. ?…

Resonant Thoughts: Haruki Murakami’s “Novelist As A Vocation” (2022)

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“The key component is not the quality of the materials—what’s needed is magic. If that magic is present, the most basic daily matters and the plainest language can be turned into a device of surprising sophistication. Their only recourse is to throw open their garage doors, drag out whatever they have…

Impi Yabomdabu Isethunjini: towards a review of J.C. Buthelezi’s book

“Awusho Ngubane, uke uzifunde izincwadi ezibhalwa nguMbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali? Ngiyamthanda lapho ethi khona: ‘Let them know thy name It’s gone too long Your vacant place unknown Its number Murdered easily by computer. Thixo! We want to rejoice Celebrating the best of the new age For gone is Kleinbooi No more Sixpence John is neither hereContinue reading “Impi Yabomdabu Isethunjini: towards a review of J.C. Buthelezi’s book”

Can Southern AfriKa Turn The Energy Crisis Into An Opportunity?

The Key is – “to embrace the idea that abundance comes from this unified field. Within it lies the power of infinite creativity.” – D. Chopra As a civilization struggling with a multitude of problems, mostly based on our reluctance to embrace the necessary paradigm shifts, in consciousnes as well as in how we approachContinue reading “Can Southern AfriKa Turn The Energy Crisis Into An Opportunity?”

A Confluence of Ideals

“This Temple of a Million Years, whose construction is mentioned on the walls of the Temple of Karnak, must therefore, be the same as the Temple of Solomon. This has to be another historical exclusive – a first-hand account of the building of the Temple of Solomon. Once more, this gives us strong evidence thatContinue reading “A Confluence of Ideals”

Inkonzo Yezinkondlo

Bathi ake siphawule Kuthiwa isimo sitshekile Enzansi kuyantula nabantu baxakekile Izizwe zikhemile nabahlakaniphileyo badidekile Bathi ake siphawule Thina abangasibheki nakusibona kasibonwa Engani bona bachemile bafundile bagogodile Kepha bebhekile imiphefumulo ichithekile Okwetiye emasosweni eminikelo ezinkonzweni Bathi ake sibeke amabili noma amathathu Ulimi lwethu balwazi lusokile lucolekile Namazwi ethu enothile Kepha nxa siphefumula basihleka usulu Kulalelwa abadumileContinue reading “Inkonzo Yezinkondlo”

Empress Tallowah

A Rastafarian Empress from Soweto shares her insights

La Nkosi Writes

Mine is to filter out the rhetoric and propaganda, so that we children of the soil can form opinions based on logic and reason. Not through those summarized and scripted tales presented to us.

Nkosy Light

Member of Light Family

My Mind Diary

Where my mind finds a place to rest

AMNTE NOFRE (Amentet Neferet)

Ancient Egyptian Religion