Human Education Against Lies

Must Watch: If you missed yesterday’s empowering episode of Good Morning CHD with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed (28/7/22) Here is the link so we can amplify truth, health and freedom. Look out for an informative discussion on the C19 jabs as bioweapons, monkeypox, the latest with the WHO, what’s really going on in Sri Lanka, andContinue reading “Human Education Against Lies”

Public Press Release: Launch of the African Sovereignty Coalition And screening of the film – Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda Saturday 18 June 2022 The African Sovereignty Coalition (ASC) formally launches Saturday 18 June 2022, 1pm GMT. The motivation for the ASC launch includes resistance to undemocratic developments that threaten the sovereignty of Africa and allContinue reading

AMNTE NOFRE (Amentet Neferet)

Ancient Egyptian Religion

N E W S • F R A M E S • • • • •

About media framing • (written by Brian Dean)

GAIA - Global Academy of Indigenous Activism

capacity building, indigenous way of life, Earth parliament, indigenous world order


A votive Work in honor of the Goddess Isis

Inner Peace

True wealth is the wealth of the soul