Liyabhubha Kodwa … Nothing Comes From Violence

The world is exploding, but whose world is it? Have the masses of impoverished people in Southern Afrika reached the level of disenchantment with the ruling elites that pushes them to really go beyond just looking? There is a tidal wave of social turmoil currently gripping much of South Africa these last few days, oneContinue reading “Liyabhubha Kodwa … Nothing Comes From Violence”

Indatshana For My Children

Lalelani bantwana bami. Umkhulu wenu uGudu Thomas Maseko wayeshaya umkhalambazo … Ake ngiyibeke ngokucacile nangobunjalo bayo lendaba. UBaba ongizalayo owayaziwa ngelika Tom-London ngenxa yokuthi wayedla ingqephu noma wayenguSwenka ongusaziwayo, wayengu- “Master” weKung-Fu okungumshika-shika wokulolonga umzimba nengqondo nokuzivikela (Martial Arts/Self Defence) owavela ezweni lamaShayina. Sizobuye siyidingide eyokuthi wawuthola kanjani lomkhuba wasemaShayineni owake waduma kakhulu emhlabeni jikeleleContinue reading “Indatshana For My Children”

Words of Power, Sounds of Peace

“Our subject is not music as an abstract art, but music as a force which affects all who hear it. Music – not as entertainment only, but as a literal power. Whether we are within audible range of music, its influence is playing upon us constantly.” – David Tame, The Secret Power of Music TowardsContinue reading “Words of Power, Sounds of Peace”

The Communal and Intellectual Properties of Afrikan Cultural Aesthetics (part 1)

A conversation that turned into an argument on Facebook today, which was about the lyrical prowess of US rapper Jay-Z really got me thinking about Black aesthetics in a general sense. The debate was sparked by someone who said that they were alarmed at how much praise that Jay-Z gets for displaying a skill thatContinue reading “The Communal and Intellectual Properties of Afrikan Cultural Aesthetics (part 1)”

A New World Emerges Glistening

“None of us can control every situation we find ourselves in. What we can control is how we react when things turn against us. I have always seen failure as a challenge to pull myself up and keep going. A struggle is only one step in the long path we walk and dwellinjg on itContinue reading “A New World Emerges Glistening”

How is ‘China’ helping to transform ‘Africa’? The need for a more sophisticated debate

Originally posted on zimbabweland:
How is China helping to transform African economies? There are many different narratives cast around in public and policy debate: China as the new imperial power, China as the radical developmentalist, China as just like any other donor/foreign power. None are very convincing. A report synthesising a number of research projects…

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