Eswatini Protests

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The ongoing protests for democracy which were once peaceful took a turn for the worst, the killing of the innocent has begun, and the silencing of voices is now in full swing The only absolute monarchy in the African continent is in shambles due to the reign of a…

Our Zulu Gods (Amadlozi akwaZulu)

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The history of Humanity is very long. Some people think that the seat of civilization, the seeds, the beginnings, might indeed center in places like Indus Valley (ancient Pakistan, India, Afghanistan). That where they have found very old civilization. Yet that’s only the history of this phase of civilization. Humanity…

Can Southern AfriKa Turn The Energy Crisis Into An Opportunity?

The Key is – “to embrace the idea that abundance comes from this unified field. Within it lies the power of infinite creativity.” – D. Chopra As a civilization struggling with a multitude of problems, mostly based on our reluctance to embrace the necessary paradigm shifts, in consciousnes as well as in how we approachContinue reading “Can Southern AfriKa Turn The Energy Crisis Into An Opportunity?”

Indigenous Knowledge and The Cultural Economy

“The production, distribution and accumulation of resources – loosely the pursuit of prosperity – has always been a cultural performance …but with the rise of a separate profession of economics and a set of specifically economic knowledges such performance has either been neglected or actively denigrated ( Amin and Thrift, 2004:xii) Baba Mfuniselwa J. Bhengu,Continue reading “Indigenous Knowledge and The Cultural Economy”

Some really interesting insights here …

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There is a whole global interest in the Astro-theology, philosophies and cosmic resonance of Ancient Kemet/Ta-Meri/ Egypt. While much of the interest is from Afrikan as well as American Afrikans and other Afrikans in the diaspora, there is a sizable number of Egyptologists and Egyptophiles who are not of…

Empress Tallowah

A Rastafarian Empress from Soweto shares her insights

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