Toward a full review the book: The Oromo An Ancient People Great African Nation

“The Oromo are not fetishists. They believe in Waaqa toko, unique universal creator and master. They see His manifestations in the great forces of nature, without mistaking them for Him. The Oromo abhor idolatory. Even more, they have not raised any temple to Waaqa, nor to awulia; they repudiate all anthropomorphic representation of the Divinity.Continue reading “Toward a full review the book: The Oromo An Ancient People Great African Nation”

The Fear of Women

“At this time I’d like to say a few word, especially to my sisters. Sisters, Black people will never be free unless Black women participate in every aspect of our struggle, on every level of our struggle.” – Assata Shakur For the longest time, I have comtemplated writing on the subject of women’s complex conditions,Continue reading “The Fear of Women”

Closing The Gap by Professor Tshilidzi Marwala

Originally posted on Zulumathabo on the Internet 2.0:
Closing the Gap: Can Africa Skip the First, Second,Third Industrial Revolutions and Excel in the Fourth? BIS (Black Scientists and Inventors) Event! From Brother Michael Williams of Black Scientists and Inventors of England announcing tomorrow’s event of Africa’s shining star of technological innovation Professor Tshilidzi Marwala, Vice-Chancellor of…

Liyabhubha Kodwa … Nothing Comes From Violence

The world is exploding, but whose world is it? Have the masses of impoverished people in Southern Afrika reached the level of disenchantment with the ruling elites that pushes them to really go beyond just looking? There is a tidal wave of social turmoil currently gripping much of South Africa these last few days, oneContinue reading “Liyabhubha Kodwa … Nothing Comes From Violence”

Indatshana For My Children

Lalelani bantwana bami. Umkhulu wenu uGudu Thomas Maseko wayeshaya umkhalambazo … Ake ngiyibeke ngokucacile nangobunjalo bayo lendaba. UBaba ongizalayo owayaziwa ngelika Tom-London ngenxa yokuthi wayedla ingqephu noma wayenguSwenka ongusaziwayo, wayengu- “Master” weKung-Fu okungumshika-shika wokulolonga umzimba nengqondo nokuzivikela (Martial Arts/Self Defence) owavela ezweni lamaShayina. Sizobuye siyidingide eyokuthi wawuthola kanjani lomkhuba wasemaShayineni owake waduma kakhulu emhlabeni jikeleleContinue reading “Indatshana For My Children”

Inner Peace

True wealth is the wealth of the soul


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