Sympathy for the Devils? or Humane Relationships vs Personality Cults

“The ANC is not a socialist party. It has never pretended to be one, it has never said it was, and it is not trying to be. It will not become one by decree for the purpose of pleasing its ‘left’ critics.” – Thabo Mbeki, 1984 ( Saul, ‘Cry for the Beloved Country’, in JacobsContinue reading “Sympathy for the Devils? or Humane Relationships vs Personality Cults”

The Law of Ma’at

There are few things on earth as insidious as religion. It does not matter how the religious adherents spin it, the religions of the world have been some of the main causes of conflict, social and family divisions and strife. The challenge is not always the doctrines themselves or their often contradicting  interpretations, it isContinue reading “The Law of Ma’at”

Kemetic Science: Ma’at and Your Emotions

According to one Master Teacher Ra Un Nefer Amen of Kemetic Spiritual Science ( Ausar Auset Society), there is nothing mysterious or mystical about metaphysics. It is all purely a matter of energy-in motion, also known as e-motions. “The truly metaphysical forces that operate directly on physical matter and events are none other than ourContinue reading “Kemetic Science: Ma’at and Your Emotions”

Ancient Wisdom: On death and impermanence

For as long as I can remember I have kept a book of Buddhist teachings called The Mirror of Mindfulness. It has been about two years since I last saw it among my books, but then again, as much as I love collecting, reading and keeping books, I also have the tendency to give themContinue reading “Ancient Wisdom: On death and impermanence”

The Intuitive Intelligence of Rastafari

Half the story has never been told. When will it be told? In fact has it been told while the audience is half distracted or simply oblivious to the tale? Only time will tell. In a paper that I wrote for the Rastafari United Front’s 1st Research Colloquium on Rastafari (Date 19-20 December 2015), heldContinue reading “The Intuitive Intelligence of Rastafari”

Ucwaningo Ngezinhlelo Zikahulumeni

Imibono: Sesifukile isikhathi sokhetho sohulumeni basemakhaya. Engabe abantu bayawazi yini amalungelo abo nokuthi amandla abo bangawasebenzisa kanjani? Kubalulekile ukuthi izakhamuzi zazi ukuthi imithetho isungulwa kanjani futhi isetshenziswa kanjani. Kuningi okunye esingakudingida sise sihlaziye izimiso zomthethosisekelo wezwe. Njengomuntu onothando lwabantu nozibandakanya kakhulu nangokuzikhandala ekuthuthukisweni kwezimpilo zaBantu, ngithe ake ngididiyele lezizinsiza … Loluhlelo lusazoqhubeka …

Poetics: the fertility of just struggles

In a journal called A Poetics of Resistance ‘Womens Writing in El Salvador, South Africa and the U.S. by Mary K.DeShazer, the emminent writer, activist Alice Walker writes this poem: “We alone can devalue gold by not caring / if it falls or rises in the market place Whereever there is gold / there isContinue reading “Poetics: the fertility of just struggles”

Did outdated race consciousness kill Sterling, Castile and the five Dallas police officers?

Originally posted on ramalainetalk:
‘I take it as given that at the beginning of the 21st century, any notion of ‘race’ as a ‘valid biological entity’ no longer warrants serious discussion’ these are the words of the erudite scholar Neville Alexander in arguably his last published work. The sensibility of this statement in an indisputable…

Inside the border town where crowds of desperate Venezuelans go for food: ‘I’ve never been hungry like this’ — National Post – Top Stories

CUCUTA, Colombia — It wasn’t much, but it was all she could afford — a sack of laundry detergent, a package of tampons and 18 rolls of Colombian toilet paper. Marys Rosalba was carrying the prized goods back to Venezuela with a tight grip and a fierce look that said: Don’t even think of trying… viaContinue reading “Inside the border town where crowds of desperate Venezuelans go for food: ‘I’ve never been hungry like this’ — National Post – Top Stories”


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