Help Print and Distribute This Great Book – Rock ‘n Rule

Rock ‘n Rule: The Essays, Stories and Poetry of Menzi Maseko is an elaborate work of word-art.With themes ranging from jazz, Black Consciousness philosophy, Reflections on Socio-Economic conditions and solutions for Southern Africa and Spiritual development. The work is suitable for people of all races, age groups and even institutions interested in understanding the dynamicContinue reading “Help Print and Distribute This Great Book – Rock ‘n Rule”

Data without theory is lame — The Multidisciplinarian

Just over eight years ago Chris Anderson of Wired announced with typical Silicon Valley humility that big data had made the scientific method obsolete. Seemingly innocent of any training in science, Anderson explained that correlation is enough; we can stop looking for models. Anderson came to mind as I wrote my previous post on RichardContinue reading “Data without theory is lame — The Multidisciplinarian”

Dilemmas of Democracy and State Power in Africa

Originally posted on AfricaPlus:
by Richard Joseph We begin the fifth year of AfricaPlus with discussions of two paradoxes in sub-Saharan Africa: the durability of both democratizing and authoritarian governments; and the expansion of economies despite their tepid structural transformation. Such dilemmas suggest the need for vigorous theorizing and debate, and their alignment with efforts…

Things I Like: Exploring our curiosity at TEDNYC: What Drives Us — TED Blog

TED’s Science Curator David Biello hosts TEDNYC: What Drives Us, a night of talks in our New York City offices. (Photo: Ryan Lash / TED) We’re creatures of curiosity. Our impulse to explore and investigate has led us to incredible discoveries about the world around us and about ourselves. Despite our amazing advances, questions still abound:…Continue reading “Things I Like: Exploring our curiosity at TEDNYC: What Drives Us — TED Blog”

The Power of Images

Ever since the most ancient times, images, pictures and a plethora of other visual aides that assist the memory and stimulate the imagination have been used for various reasons. Evocative wall paintings in Southern Africa that depict trance-dance, hunting and pastoral scene are still extant. Elaborate religious imagery still decorate the pyramid and temple wallsContinue reading “The Power of Images”

empowered by the word and sound

So I have decided that I will turn my book Rock ‘n Rule into a three part series of essays/articles/ links and poems. After re-reading my upcoming debut Rock ‘n Rule: The Essays, Stories and Poetry of Menzi Maseko, it became even more obvious that through my musings, all I have really done is introduceContinue reading “empowered by the word and sound”

Black Moon 13 Sign Astrology

Originally posted on RAW GODDESS, INC.:
*Happy Black Moon!)  13 Sign Astrology is not new and it is very similar to sidereal, vedic, Indian/Egyptian astrological dates which have been used waaay longer than the western Gregorian/Julian Calendar!! Ophiuchus aka Serpentarius, the 13th Sign is covering the great Black Hole of our Galaxy and was intentionally…


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