Between BBBEE and a Harder Place

Ankh em Maat – Living in truth, justice and cosmic order I have just read Andile Khumalo’s article on page 10 of the Sunday Times, August 14 2016/the Business Times section. Titled, ‘Pinnacle ticks the boxes but fails the test: Corporate social investment is masquerading as empowerment‘, the article really made me glad that thereContinue reading “Between BBBEE and a Harder Place”

Ode to Genius: a poem for bhekumuzi hyacinth mseleku

For Bhekumuzi Hyacinth Mseleku, a Jazz poem By Menzi Maseko aka Sankaras Chalice aka Katonda Lisa Mwari  Sing: There is evidence of Light On the horizon hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm mmhmm! Faith is beautiful but Truth We can depend on …again and again, again and again! From the Source of Life we came …Continue reading “Ode to Genius: a poem for bhekumuzi hyacinth mseleku”

In the music: people’s intuitive travels and the paths of rhythm

Inside the sleeve of Nduduzo Makhathini’s newest offering,after the prayer, these words are stated: “Inner Dimensions – Seeks to go deep within the the inner realms of our souls and find those melodies that will bring about harmony, healing and hope for all people. It is a journey to our innermost being that connects usContinue reading “In the music: people’s intuitive travels and the paths of rhythm”

Alter-Native Society: Between Kingdoms, Political Structures and Anarchy

“The king was the personification of Ma’at, a word that we translate as ‘truth’, or ‘justice’, but has an extended meaning of the proper cosmic order at the time of its establishment by the Creator …There is in Akhenaten’s teaching a constant emphasis upon Maat …as is not found before or afterwards.” – Cyril Aldred,Continue reading “Alter-Native Society: Between Kingdoms, Political Structures and Anarchy”

Matters of the Spiritual Heart

An appreciation: Ever-since I was introduced to the ‘jazz’ artists called Kurt Elling, I have become irreversibly hooked. A perfect stranger called Lesego had given us a ride home one evening after the Poetry Africa festival’s final concert. We were all still buzzing from a great performance by Hip Hop Pantsula, Raheem Kemet and TumiContinue reading “Matters of the Spiritual Heart”

Poetics: Global Afrikanness and The Legacy of Eskia Mphahlele

As I have mentioned on one of my earlier posts, I leave books everywhere. I do not only sell them, I also share many books among my friends and colleagues and sometimes perfect strangers. One of my Eritrean friends runs a restaurant called Habesha Cafe’ on 124 Helen Joseph Road, Durban. When I visited last-nightContinue reading “Poetics: Global Afrikanness and The Legacy of Eskia Mphahlele”

Sympathy for the Devils? or Humane Relationships vs Personality Cults

“The ANC is not a socialist party. It has never pretended to be one, it has never said it was, and it is not trying to be. It will not become one by decree for the purpose of pleasing its ‘left’ critics.” – Thabo Mbeki, 1984 ( Saul, ‘Cry for the Beloved Country’, in JacobsContinue reading “Sympathy for the Devils? or Humane Relationships vs Personality Cults”

The Law of Ma’at

There are few things on earth as insidious as religion. It does not matter how the religious adherents spin it, the religions of the world have been some of the main causes of conflict, social and family divisions and strife. The challenge is not always the doctrines themselves or their often contradicting  interpretations, it isContinue reading “The Law of Ma’at”

Kemetic Science: Ma’at and Your Emotions

According to one Master Teacher Ra Un Nefer Amen of Kemetic Spiritual Science ( Ausar Auset Society), there is nothing mysterious or mystical about metaphysics. It is all purely a matter of energy-in motion, also known as e-motions. “The truly metaphysical forces that operate directly on physical matter and events are none other than ourContinue reading “Kemetic Science: Ma’at and Your Emotions”



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