Sibakhonzile Ogogo (We revere our Grandmothers)

“God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there is no turning back.” – Gloria Steinem It has been a long time since I shared anything on this platform. Although one has been busy with lots of other engagements, we have not neglected toContinue reading “Sibakhonzile Ogogo (We revere our Grandmothers)”

What is essential

Progressive integral Afrikology is a process wherein all that is useful and pragmatic about Afrikan culture is preserved and applied to everything we do. There are various progressive institutions within the Southern Afrikan region in particular, including: the Institute of Afrikology, Ebukhosini Solutions, Academy for Contextual Metaphysics, Great Empire of Kemet, Afro-Savvy, Mutapa and AbibitumiContinue reading “What is essential”

Adapt or perish

South Afrika is engaged in the emerging conversation about a Just Transition from fossil fuels towards renewable energy. There is concern that the conversation, although cognisant of the need for inclusion still remains generally high level and thus misses the explicit participation of those that are most affected by the effects of industrial pollution, industrialContinue reading “Adapt or perish”

Can Southern AfriKa Turn The Energy Crisis Into An Opportunity?

The Key is – “to embrace the idea that abundance comes from this unified field. Within it lies the power of infinite creativity.” – D. Chopra As a civilization struggling with a multitude of problems, mostly based on our reluctance to embrace the necessary paradigm shifts, in consciousnes as well as in how we approachContinue reading “Can Southern AfriKa Turn The Energy Crisis Into An Opportunity?”

Human Education Against Lies

Must Watch: If you missed yesterday’s empowering episode of Good Morning CHD with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed (28/7/22) Here is the link so we can amplify truth, health and freedom. Look out for an informative discussion on the C19 jabs as bioweapons, monkeypox, the latest with the WHO, what’s really going on in Sri Lanka, andContinue reading “Human Education Against Lies”



Empress Tallowah

A Rastafarian Empress from Soweto shares her insights

La Nkosi Writes

Mine is to filter out the rhetoric and propaganda, so that we children of the soil can form opinions based on logic and reason. Not through those summarized and scripted tales presented to us.

Nkosy Light

Member of Light Family

My Mind Diary

Where my mind finds a place to rest