Heavens So Far Yet So Near

https://wordpress.com/stats/day/amareflections.wordpress.com In this article I briefly discuss the pros and cons of Afrikan peoples embrace and assimilation into the religion and cultural artifacts and practices of ancient Israel. I am fully aware that there are many Black people who since the late 50’s began calling themselves African Hebrew Israelites and of the existence of theContinue reading “Heavens So Far Yet So Near”

sound dreams and forgetting

these dreams are not sound purple hued flirting with disastrous red yet they are almost blue and I often forget how I got there their naked truth apparently is the result of my nervous conditioning and there is always a part that’s almost true sisindwa yisisindo semisindo sizukulwane sikashwele Bantwana baka Maye Babo Sifingqwe ngamasontoContinue reading “sound dreams and forgetting”


For Bheki Hyacinth Mseleku i have heard of that tree hyacinth ngiyawazi lowo muthi ngiyayazi nembali yawo kepha ngisalibele … ubuhlungu bempilo nobuhlwempu bomphefumulu kungenze ngafiphala Sengaba kude nalowo owangitshala … Rooted I met an old man in the garden And he told me “Asparagacea”! It is a flower from old glorious Babylon Well theyContinue reading “tree”


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