Afrikology, Kingdoms and Youth

“The absolute equality of races, physical, political and social, is the founding stone of world peace and human advancement. No one denies great differences of gift, capacity, and attainment among individuals of all races, but the voice of science, religion and practical politics is one in denying the God-appointed existence of super-races or races naturallyContinue reading “Afrikology, Kingdoms and Youth”


“As a response to challenges insisted on by the harsh environment, thebrutal physical abuse by their captors and the psychological disintegrationproduced by the chaos of the unfamiliar, Africans reached deep withinthemselves where the roots of culture abide. This protracted struggle andaccompanying cultural resolve has allowed them to maintain the deepstructure of their cultural distinctiveness. Moreover,Continue reading “Abakhanyiselwa”

Empress Tallowah

A Rastafarian Empress from Soweto shares her insights

La Nkosi Writes

Mine is to filter out the rhetoric and propaganda, so that we children of the soil can form opinions based on logic and reason. Not through those summarized and scripted tales presented to us.

Nkosy Light

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My Mind Diary

Where my mind finds a place to rest

AMNTE NOFRE (Amentet Neferet)

Ancient Egyptian Religion