G.A.W.Collaborations: Ntuzuma Community Creatives

On the 28th of January 2017 Mvuzo Performing Arts Productions in collaboration with the youth of Ntuzuma Township and Green Ankh Works(PTY) Ltd hosted a very robust workshop at Ntuzuma F Library. The aim of the workshop was to inspire and give guidance to upcoming young artists and potential business leaders in that community. ItContinue reading “G.A.W.Collaborations: Ntuzuma Community Creatives”

They call It jazz

They call it jazz but this music is much bigger and broader than any definitions. Miles Davis called it Social Music, Nicholas Payton calls it BAM (black american music) but the closest description has to be Wayne Shorter’s “I Dare You” music. Call It what we may, this phenomenon known as jazz is fun, intricate,Continue reading “They call It jazz”

The Intuitive Intelligence of Rastafari

Half the story has never been told. When will it be told? In fact has it been told while the audience is half distracted or simply oblivious to the tale? Only time will tell. In a paper that I wrote for the Rastafari United Front’s 1st Research Colloquium on Rastafari (Date 19-20 December 2015), heldContinue reading “The Intuitive Intelligence of Rastafari”


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