right now know how for tomorrow

https://www.ynharari.com/book/homo-deus/ “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow examines what might happen to the world when old myths are coupled with new godlike technologies, such as artificial intelligence and genetic engineering. Humans conquered the world thanks to their unique ability to believe in collective myths about gods, money, equality and freedom – as described inContinue reading “right now know how for tomorrow”

Poem for Maponga and Nsingiza

Rebels from the Amen Corner Inspired by Joshua Marara Maponga and Mkhulu Nsingiza   The children of the stolen soil need not fear There is no dearth of leadership here, Afrika is not devoid of her teachers, warner’s and prophets There are the truly inspired as well as the thirsty for profits As the peopleContinue reading “Poem for Maponga and Nsingiza”

Written To Jazz by Biko’s Dream

threads of rhythmic memory music charged with the spirit of defiant dreams disquieting bass-lines and translucent chords imbued with the memory of these walls the visionary ghosts of women and men who have toiled here through the streets of bloodied gold and toxic asbestos brought here trembling and cold to life by the music thatContinue reading “Written To Jazz by Biko’s Dream”

Preservation: How Myths of Creation and Extinction Become Realized

“In all that we call ‘history’ – everything we clearly remember about ourselves as a species – humanity has not once come close to total annihilation. In various regions at various times there have been terrible natural disasters. But there has not been a single occasion in the past 5000 years when mankind as aContinue reading “Preservation: How Myths of Creation and Extinction Become Realized”

To Rule or Let Be

“If those early forms of social organisation also contained elements of democracy, it was the democracy of that particular time, totally unfitted to the democratic practice of man in the present epoch. To say that an African can learn democracy simply by looking backward to see what our great grandparents behaved is not only meaninglessContinue reading “To Rule or Let Be”


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