Comments about current changes in dress, part 2 The journey of these cloths from manufacture to internment is unique in Africa. Redefining our perceptions of ritual items and their purpose. The word “weaving” in South Africa can generally be associated with the indigenous production of grass baskets, beer strainers and mats, rather than the manufacture…

A Brief Story on the Neter Sekhmet

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Hutuapo/Hetepu/Hotep Everyone. It is now not a mystery that we at Ikhambi Natural Healing aka I.N.Healing /INhealing use Ancient Afrikan/Nile Valley civilization knowledge system as part of our cultural background. We are an Indigenous Knowledge Systems based institution and our inspiration for this work also comes from various parts…

Beyond the silver bullet solution: towards a ‘systems agronomy’ perspective

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The previous two blogs (here and here) have discussed the Pfumvudza conservation agriculture programme that has become a high-profile, politicised intervention during the last season. In a very wet year, the results have been interesting. Yields have been good on the small plots, but many problems have been faced. And, because…

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