Rites and Writs of Kemetic Practice

The sky has opened for me, I am a living one, a son of Sopdet. My house in the sky will never perish, The sky has opened for me, My throne on earth will never be plundered. Pyramid Texts: Utterance #302 The Souls of Anu drew him up the steps, one by one, and theContinue reading “Rites and Writs of Kemetic Practice”

Zimbabwe Proverbs – Translated & Explained

Originally posted on Culture of Zimbabwe:
Proverb: Vakuru vakati “Usapedzere miseve pamakunguwo idzo hanga dzichauya.” Translation: Do not waste your arrows shooting at crows (which you can’t even eat) when real (guinea) fowl are yet to come. Interpretation: There are many ‘opportunities’ that are going to come that appear like the real deal but they…


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