Sign of Tehuti

Word, Sound and Power

The Seven Minds

Neter Tehuti (NTR THT)

Appearance: Tehuti is portrayed as a man with the head of an Ibis wearing a crown of the full and crescent moon of the Sun; usually writing.

Western gods: Thot, Hermes

Symbols: Ibis, pen & tablet or papyrus (writing implements), Full and crescent moon, Baboon.

Principle: Resonance – (word/sound/power)
Function: Communication

Western Astrology Dates: 22 August to 23 September


Tehuti’s powers are concerned with the recording of ‘facts’ or ‘data’ for a cosmic memory that when necessary may reveal its ancient wisdom to whoever calls for it. His energy is said to break through mental barriers; it allows information to become known and secrets or ‘lost’ or ‘forgotten’ ideas to be revealed.

Tehuti assists in the discovery of ‘lost knowledge’ but he communicates more directly with the mind in such a way as is said to ease mental confusion.

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Brooklyn Academy of Music Threatens The Creator of #BAM

BAM saga continues

Nicholas Payton


So, I get this email today from Brooklyn Academy of Music legal team trying to shake me down from withdrawing my application to trademark #BAM: Black American Music. I’m shocked and appalled for several reasons.

According to the letter above, we presented #BAM at BAM two years ago. We were in talks for years before that trying to put that gig together until Danny Kapilian stepped in and made it happen so beautifully. Thanks, Danny. It was a joyous and momentous occasion outdoors at the MetroTech in Brooklyn. If you all had a problem with it, why didn’t you come after me then? You were full aware that I had been using it for years, only now you conveniently take issue with it.

You attempting to get me to abandon my mission to save Black music is antithetical to your edict as an arts administration. You are supposed to be…

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Hereafter, To Venerate Snowden

Zulumathabo on the Internet 2.0

By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2017

Never, to live with his kind
The beloved ones, left behind
The establishment, threatens!
The country, he must abandon!
Pregnant, with forensic truth
He must preserve it, like sleuth
Tropospheric, across the globe
Sanctuary, for fugitive!
Despite passport, abortive!

Secure, like sealed envelope
Unblemished truth, our hope
The fugitive, on state kill list
Hereby, to render him deceased
Unbought, like intrinsic!
Unsold, like forensic!
The fugitive, exiled afar
Socialist republics, ajar
Hereafter, to venerate Snowden

Contextual Commentary

The parched ground, in the inhospitable desert, makes it impossible for the desert flower to thrive on the surface. She needs photosynthesis in order to exist. In the extreme case of water shortage, photosynthesis kills the plant. For this reason, the desert flower must abandon photosynthesis in order to preserve and enhance an alternative survival experience. The flower is forced to find sanctuary in the underground where the…

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We the people …

Curtis Mayfield, the prolific late Afrikan American singer/songwriter made a lot of groundbreaking music. In the latter part of his brilliant career he had continued his insightful warnings and inspirational messages to the human race and to Black people in particular. In one of his songs he croons plaintively in his emphatic falsetto, “We the people who are darker than blue / are we gonna stand around this town and let what others say come true?” Here he was addressing the ghettorisation and drug culture that was ravaging the urban black communities through-out the United States. But he was also dealing with the systemic anti-black racism that still characterises many communities across the world.


MJ Bhengu's Intellectual Space


Mfuniselwa J. Bhengu
Managing Director: Mepho Publishing Group
Editor-in-Chief: Inqaba Journal

One of the most difficult chapters of African history to understand and place in perspective is the one which involves the developing relations between Africa and Europe after 1400. From that general period onward, Africa, previously encompassing great societies whose influence was felt abroad and whose innovative characteristics greatly enriched African culture, was eclipsed at the very time when certain European states not only achieved national unity but made great technological advances that led to an overseas expansion which further increased Europe’s economic and technological capacities. Much of this progress resulted from years of trade with Africans for gold which helped to finance European technological advance and overseas expansion (Joseph E. Harris, Africans and Their History, 1972).

The encounter between ancient Egyptian civilization and Greco-Roman civilization created a unique fusion of cultures which benefitted both civilizations…

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Something About This City

Green Ankh blog

There is absolutely no doubt that Durban aka EThekwini is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The sheer amount of talent and the natural gifts of ocean breeze and mountain shades, lush valleys and a rich socio-political and cultural history all come together to ensure that there is always something to see, feel and enjoy here whether you are a local or a visitor.

But we all cannot shake the feeling that there is something missing here.Despite the Indian Ocean that draws millions towards these shores, the spectacular sub-tropical weather and the vast amounts of talented performers and a great assortment of artistic talent, the Durban natives somehow seem reluctant to support one another where it matters the most: Live Local Shows and purchasing of local content ( Film viewing, Jazz, R&B/Soul, and Good Hip Hop and other not-so commercial genres such as alternative Rock and Electronic…

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Story Tellers : A Review by Nduduzo Makhathini

black heroes etc



Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments and indoor

Though this concert was billed as ‘Tete Mbambisa SA-UK Big Sound 2017 Tour’ sitting [or rather standing as the music had kept on my feet the entire time] in the audience at ‘The Rainbow’ jazz club in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal, Sunday the 9th of July 2017, I felt as though the responsibility of allowing us on this journey was equally shared between Mbambisa and the great Bab’uBarney Rachabane on alto saxophone, there was a strong sense of trust which obviously supported by the great talents of brother Ayanda Sikade on the drums and Mbambisa’s UK connection featuring; Julian Argüelles (tenor), Chris Batchelor (trumpet) and Steve Watts (bass).

I walked into the venue on the last song the first set, the room was buzzing and I was content from hearing the last couple of bars of the last tune of the 1st set in this fully charged room. The blending…

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song for the teacher


Blues for Dr R. J. Mekoa

Movement 1:

elements of sound

elements of air

airborne sounds circumnavigating the firmament

seeking for hearts to inhabit

we are all echoes of the wind

some hit the trees and fall beneath the leaves

and others caress the bark like a long lost lover

Movement 2:

how long has the wind seeker been gone

some men seek after the wind

while  some find the golden threads

woven by birds of paradise in the air.

“how can you tell the difference

between a seeker and a loiterer?”

the Dr considers the answer

flips through the sheets of music and raises his trumpet

blows just one note

“each one teach one.”

the teacher tells the students

who were told to play the sound of their favorite bird

yet only a handful could remember what a bird sounded like

the teacher had to appeal to the imagination

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