Knowledge Sankofa: The Complexity of Racial Identities in Southern Africa

This story of Dutch intrusion into Southern Africa was shared via email by a Tseliso Moahloli with the title: The Plagiarized image of Camissa (//gam I Ssa): I quote: “Today I was browsing through some old books at a good second-hand bookstore near where I live and found a very interesting statistic in a maritimeContinue reading “Knowledge Sankofa: The Complexity of Racial Identities in Southern Africa”

Capitalism, Violence and Racism

Gramsci’s Black Marx: Whither the Slave in Civil Society? Written by Frank Wilderson, III The Black experience in this country has been a phenomenon without analog. – Eugene Genovese, Boston Review October/November 1993 A Decisive Antagonism Any serious consideration of the question of antagonistic identity formation—a formation, the mass mobilization of which can precipitate aContinue reading “Capitalism, Violence and Racism”

Poetics:”short lifetimes demand action”

good things come to the waiting list the last guest at the wedding this snake-tied / balding head cat with the crumpled suit alligator shoes, silver calf-links and whisky breath sophisticated reptilian looking like someone long hooked on crystal meth … eyes deep in debt seen it all life’s shortened long breadth earth turning about aContinue reading “Poetics:”short lifetimes demand action””

beginning at the end …

In the picture at national festival LWAZI Xaba, also known as King Zorro, comes across as one who won’t let means, or lack thereof, determine his success as an artist. A native of Estcourt in rural KwaZulu-Natal and Umlazi in Durban, Xaba’s grown up hard and learnt the art of using your passion and opportunityContinue reading “beginning at the end …”

Knowledge Of Self Sessions: Why Ethiopia

Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization A Critical Review of the Evidence of Archaeology, Anthropology, History and Comparative Religion: According to the Most Reliable Sources and Authorities By John G. Jackson (1939) “It is pretty well settled that the city is the Negro’s great contribution to civilization, for it was in Africa where the firstContinue reading “Knowledge Of Self Sessions: Why Ethiopia”

Poetics: an odd old poem by Menzi Maseko

Love lore and ritual A song for the tea farmers, drinkers and the earth that provides it His breath was lavender After a heavy nights rain Voice like the fresh breathing of earth after the thunder A sweet here- after A moment when the now is known The past remembered and the future ingrown ThereContinue reading “Poetics: an odd old poem by Menzi Maseko”

Poetics: In honor of Keorapetse ‘Willie’ Kgositsile

In his own words: ‘You cannot teach someone how to be a poet. Until you have acquired the skills to write you do not know what kind of a writer you will be…I think we [South Africans] have a big problem when it comes to reading. There are a lot of people who think theyContinue reading “Poetics: In honor of Keorapetse ‘Willie’ Kgositsile”

Poetics: Homage to Mazisi Kunene

What better honor can we give to a great writer than to keep his work alive for the instruction of the coming generations? The impact of Mazisi Kunene in the world of literature in Indigenous languages and to Southern Afrika in particular is immensely valuable. Despite the fact that Kunene served as a Professor atContinue reading “Poetics: Homage to Mazisi Kunene”


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