Sibongile Khumalo in her own words

Not everything  that matters is on the Web. In fact, much that matters about South Africa’s cultural creativity isn’t. As examples, the archives of the Star Tonight in its heyday, when it cared about the South African arts scene, have not been digitised; and anything from the short-lived Weekender is un-findable (and would be behind […]

Sibongile Khumalo in her own words

True science versus propaganda

The contradictions that are apparent in the mainstream medicinal space makes you want to question everything. A case for ivermectin as a safe cure for Covid-19. So why are we waiting for a dubious vaccine?

Had any of the vaccines been proven to cure the corona virus?

The question is are any of the new drugs that we are gullibly waiting for approved by SAHPRA and are they safe? How do we know they are safe? Merely because the authorities say So? How many lives have the authorities saved lately and How many lies?

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