African Philosophical Transcendence

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By Mocholoko (Dr), Zulumathabo Zulu © 2020

The Preamble

The Basotho philosophy known as Nahanosene boasts five categories of rich and deep philosophical thought namely (1) Phe; (2) Tse; (3) Ra; (4) Pha and (5) Tshe. For purposes of this segment of the article, we confine ourselves to Category 3 of Pha.

Pha refers to an ontological primacy of transcendence. Philosophical constructs like Phahama (arise); Phahamela (transcend); Phaphama (awake from sleep); Phahla (offer libation to the ancestors); Phapha (take to the sky to climb to greater heights) and Phaphatha (venerate the gods) awaken our consciousness to the higher science of cosmologic reflection.

It is when we reflect like this that we are in a position to break the shackles that have been crushing our souls for too long! More than 523 years of being shackled by the vestiges of the ECC (Euro-Christian Colonial) system is the most brutal experience a…

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Good Evening Beloved Healers; please excuse the late notice. Our Own Gogo Khanyisile @⁨Nelly Nkosi Healer⁩ will be among the panelists Discussing Genes and Healing on Ligwalagwala FM tonight at 21.30PM pleaee tune in:

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