African Cosmic Knowledge and Bacholoko

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By Zulumathabo Zulu © 2017

I am sharing with you a radio interview that took place on Sunday June 28, 2017 on North West FM with the radio great Sir Max on his Sunday show. Our discussion centered on the African knowledge of the cosmos using the Basotho as a reference.

Sir_Max-1-1-1Sir Max of North West FM

Let me first give you some background.

In the book The Sacred Knowledge of the Desert: African Philosophical Transcendence in the segment The Genesis we describe the cosmology of the Basotho. An excerpt from the book reads thus:

“The Basotho, like other Africans, trace their genesis to the cosmos. They originate from Mokgubu wa Kganare (The Galactic Core). One of their most valued stars is Tosamasiu (Sirius) which is regarded as a ternary star system. They refer to the orbiting star of Tosamasiu known as Peo Ya Makgakga. Makgakga is not visible to…

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When Civilisations Collide

Being in Zimbabwe has revealed that the abundance of the Earth far surpasses the ignorance and spiritual poverty of the people. While the Earth yields its riches and the elemental spirits echo in our dreams and rituals, there are those who benefit and those who lose. The ones who benefit are not always the most deserving, neither are the losers somehow predestined to their conditions, everything pivots on an axis of choices as well as heritage.

The indigenous people of Zimbabwe like most peoples of the so called third-world have a historical proverbial bone to pick with the colonial settlers, but the battles for land and wealth in this country go back to the most archaic records of history when various types of foreign inter-generational confrontations have occurred, not only determining the future of their offspring, but also establishing rivalries and legacies that are difficult to undo.

I am in the Eastern Highlands of this country, at a place which is nearer the colonially established borders of Mozambique. What kind of people would we find here if we could turn back the clock by a millennium?

What were the people residing in this place eating, how did they sustain their societies and how did they deal with neighbours and even alien encounters?

Much of the answers to such questions can be traced through languages, paths of migration as well as the seeds and economic activities …The precolonial as well as colonial records exist. We must exhume and re-archive the histories of this great and spiritually charged space layer by layer, century by century until we find ourselves back in this time, for Afrikan time is cyclic, we go forth and back, we return as our own ancestors, living through the dreams and deeds of our children. How do we restore our health, identities and sense of belonging along with the treasures that the Earth so freely yields?

My journey is one of inter-generational and creative connectivity, the union of that which was once together but has through the passage of time been torn asunder by inner and outer forces. Conflict resolution is possible through restoration of people with the land and the heavens too.

I am here to unite more than just the two-lands, but to guide Self and AbaNtu bakithi into the new realities, a land united not only on the superficial levels but at the root and at the cosmic levels. The work begins … Tinotenda!!!

Ah Vadzimu!

Ah Musikavanhu!

Ah Mwari!


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