For Bheki Hyacinth Mseleku i have heard of that tree hyacinth ngiyawazi lowo muthi ngiyayazi nembali yawo kepha ngisalibele … ubuhlungu bempilo nobuhlwempu bomphefumulu kungenze ngafiphala Sengaba kude nalowo owangitshala … Rooted I met an old man in the garden And he told me “Asparagacea”! It is a flower from old glorious Babylon Well theyContinue reading “tree”

Sembene Across Africa

  Green Ankh Works in collaboration with the BAT Centre and a Community of people all over the Continent and the Diaspora will Screen the Documentary : Sembene! Across Africa. Ousmane Sembene is known as The Father of African Cinema, the film will reveal to the viewers that he was indeed so much more. TheContinue reading “Sembene Across Africa”

They call It jazz

They call it jazz but this music is much bigger and broader than any definitions. Miles Davis called it Social Music, Nicholas Payton calls it BAM (black american music) but the closest description has to be Wayne Shorter’s “I Dare You” music. Call It what we may, this phenomenon known as jazz is fun, intricate,Continue reading “They call It jazz”

Help Print and Distribute This Great Book – Rock ‘n Rule

Rock ‘n Rule: The Essays, Stories and Poetry of Menzi Maseko is an elaborate work of word-art.With themes ranging from jazz, Black Consciousness philosophy, Reflections on Socio-Economic conditions and solutions for Southern Africa and Spiritual development. The work is suitable for people of all races, age groups and even institutions interested in understanding the dynamicContinue reading “Help Print and Distribute This Great Book – Rock ‘n Rule”


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