Black Wealth Matters

People Ask me what books do I read. Well, I really read many varied books, but this is what I recommend in this time:



Sacred Man : A Book focussing on raising great Black men.

It takes a village to raise a child. This Afrikan adage is swiftly losing its meaning as it becomes abundantly clear that modernity insists on families raising children individually and with not much effort placed on communal ties.

This book comes in at a great time as we are raising three boys in an environment where there are not enough Afrocentric options. The challenge of finding appropriate books for young black men is real and at a time when we are compelled to take our children to white owned and therefore neo-liberal and foreign ideologically led kindergarten’s, schools …

The pic below depicts myself Menzi Maseko and Sister Zintle Zuma with her son Funda, whose name means ( To Read, or to Learn ),  Sister Yaa Ashantewaa-Ngidi ( Institute of Afrikology) is in the Background: taken while attending the Essence Festival, 2016:dsc_0661

Please click on the link below for details on the book: via Sacred Man

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Interesting Science Fiction Audio

“Massive, eyeless, segmented horrors, they swarmed over the body, tied themselves in knots to gouge out massive chunks of flesh and bone. They devoured every bit of skin or drop of blood, no matter where it fell — concrete, wood, stone, metal, or human flesh.

Twelve hours later, the sated worms rose from the devastation and returned through the hole in the sky to the unknown, leaving a cold, sinking confusion in their wake.” – excerpt from GODFALL

Stories Of Various Nows

I recently wrote an almost 5000 word short-story for some lucrative competition. Nervous as I was when I sent it, flaws and all, I was a little proud of it. I had meant to suffuse the whole tale with lots of music, lots of carefully placed images or symbols of Southern Afrikan, Nile Valley symbolism and Time Travel in its plot. If I had access to 300 more words, I could have made it better, but 5000 words is a lot – so no excuses, a short-story should do everything in the first 500 words anyway.

I posted this ‘jazzy’ album because I love the players, it is not related to my story in any way aside from the fact that I love its title. Yesterday I agonised all day about whether I had chosen the right title for the story. Then again, I think whether I win or not, I am going to develop this story into something brilliant.