Ideas Worth Sharing

Here I am sharing something I gleaned from the net. These are the words of Kate Raworth from her website Exploring Doughnut Economics. I am keenly interested in people who propagate new ways of viewing and doing economics and guiding social change. Although I am more Afrocentric and tend to promote ideas by people ofContinue reading “Ideas Worth Sharing”

Knowledge Reigns Supreme

I have never seen this interview until now, but I overstand why it did not trend. The society we live in today is allergic of the truth. The real human truth, the GOD truth which is beyond our coloured struggles and racial biases and delusions and illusions of supremacy. What KRS says here is tooContinue reading “Knowledge Reigns Supreme”

Black Science and Black Science Fiction

“he warped time and space to deliver a message to eternity.” – Early Samuel R. Delaney Delaney won the Nebula prize his science fiction novella Babel 17 in 1966, and won the Nebula and the Hugo Award for his 1968 novella titled, Time Considered as a Helix of Semi Precious Stones, and his monumental novelContinue reading “Black Science and Black Science Fiction”

Re-Afrikanization or Another Dead End?

“My heart yearns for the glory of an Africa that is gone. But I shall labour for the birth of a new Africa, free and great among the nations of the world.” – Anton Lembede “Many African nationalists do believe that Western imperialism was an exercise in divide and rule. The argument sometimes sounds likeContinue reading “Re-Afrikanization or Another Dead End?”

God Did This To You …

“The creativity and pathology of the human mind are, after all, two sides of the same medal coined in the evolutionary mint …something has gone wrong …man is predisposed towards self-destruction. The search for the causes of that deficiency starts with the Book of Genesis and has continued ever since.” – Arthur Koestler, The Ghost InContinue reading “God Did This To You …”

Liberating voices from our past

One of the most influential books in my intellectual and activist life has been W.E.B. Du Bois’s The Souls of Black Folk: Essays and Sketches, published in 1903. This book not only opened my eyes wider to the challenge of racial justice but also endowed me with the tools I needed in order to discernContinue reading “Liberating voices from our past”

imibhalo yezinyanga

ngalamazwi uzobusa ngalemisho uyobusiswa shono phela mlobi wezimfihlo kwashona bani wavusa wena nethestamente elisha sha? gazi leminikelo mithi yemi- hla ngeminhla, zintelezi nemi- hlambezo mikhuleko nenhlambuluko migidi namahubo migcabo nemishanguzo mihla  namalanga mibhalo yezinyanga empeleni kawusiyo Mbongi bheka zandile nezinyosi zitinyela kwasani noNgangezwe ukwesobukhosi zifakazile nezanusi thina balobi singofakazi bokuhle nokubi izehlo ngezehlo, izinsizi namabika,Continue reading “imibhalo yezinyanga”

The Journey To The House Of Plenty begins

The ZIMBABWE Connection: Our Stories Our Future 29 January 2018 Firstly I would like to begin with a brief history of Charles Mungoshi, and then I will proceed with other authors who have made a mark in the minds of readers. This project is intended to connect the SADC region through story-telling, reading, promotion ofContinue reading “The Journey To The House Of Plenty begins”

Truth Will Free We All, Including Our Leaders

Freeing ourselves from psychological slavery is a daily task. Firstly we have to know how we are victims of this slavery, secondly we have to see ourselves as the primary agents of our own emancipation. The next step in my opinion, is we have to continually educate ourselves, our families and communities regarding our history,Continue reading “Truth Will Free We All, Including Our Leaders”

Empress Tallowah

A Rastafarian Empress from Soweto shares her insights

La Nkosi Writes

Mine is to filter out the rhetoric and propaganda, so that we children of the soil can form opinions based on logic and reason. Not through those summarized and scripted tales presented to us.

Nkosy Light

Member of Light Family

My Mind Diary

Where my mind finds a place to rest

AMNTE NOFRE (Amentet Neferet)

Ancient Egyptian Religion