Poetics:”short lifetimes demand action”

good things come to the waiting list

the last guest at the wedding this

snake-tied / balding head cat with the crumpled suit

alligator shoes, silver calf-links and whisky breath

sophisticated reptilian

looking like someone long hooked on crystal meth …

eyes deep in debt

seen it all

life’s shortened long breadth

earth turning about a crooked axis.

mankind is supposedly civilised but hardly ever at ease

with tranquillity

still prone

to superstitions / annihilations / extinctions / denominations

arduous trips to Mecca / holy mountains and sepulchres

endless transformations

trampling on the little ones due to obsolete traditions

the jazzman has it

the jazzy woman bears it on her elongated tear

the eager ear

hears it

its really quite simple

Joy is sorrow unmasked

what is the meaning of Life

I am ever so often asked

impendulo: ZAZI!




Published by greenankhworks

Healer, Translator, Lover, Writer, Father, Natural Health Promoter, Connector, Communications Consultant, Instigator, and Reviver of IKS

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