Sound Memory of that distinctively South African Thing


This was posted by Adam Glasser about 7 hours ago on Facebook, I am resharing here because I found it a profound affirmation of the international allure of Southern African music, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do:

20 Years ago today 3rd November 1998 the Manhattan Brothers performed 2 gigs with the Zawinul Syndicate in Vienna. Photo: Thomas Steinbacher
Here’s the story…
In the summer of 1998 Joe Mogotsi, leader the Manhattan Brothers (for whom I was pianist/musical director) rung me to say that the Austrian Government had contacted South African High Commission in London to invite a South African group to Vienna to do a show with someone called “Joe Zoem.. Zoem – I don’t know what his name is..” .

“Joe Zawinul????!!!!” I said naming the only Joe I knew who came from Vienna.

“Yes that’s the guy” said Joe Mogotsi.

A tape of…

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